This Video Will Have You Completely Rethink How You Conduct Yourself Online And In Person.

We, as human beings, think that through social networks, we’ve somehow become more social creatures.

The problem with this theory is, the more we “connect” online, the less actual human interactions we have, making us actually fairly unsocial.

This video breaks down exactly how the social aspects of human beings have evolved and transformed, showing how we’ve regressed from a social standpoint.

Shimi Cohen shows exactly what’s wrong with our social structure now, and how we manipulate how we want to be presented to peers, family members, and potential mates on social media, rather than having vulnerable and genuine conversations in real time.

Check out this video, and take a moment to truly assess how you conduct yourself, both online and in person.

Source: Stanford University



Ook als e-mailmarketeer ontkom je er helaas niet aan: er zijn altijd klanten die besluiten om bij je weg te gaan of zich afmelden voor je e-mailnieuwsbrief. Jammer, maar ook een laatste kans om ze tóch te behouden. Want wat wil je klant eigenlijk echt? Wil hij werkelijk weg? Of speelt er wat anders?

Bekijk bovenstaande video van mijn webinar over het optimale afmeldproces met onder andere:

  • Bewuste of onbewuste clicks?
  • Van traditionele opt-out naar selectieve opt-in.
  • Tone of voice en mood changing.
  • Stel vragen, geef keuzes en ontdek wat de klant werkelijk wil.
  • Inspiratie en ideëen.

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I found this video on YouTube when I was searching for an inspirational video message. Give just a little bit more…

This is a simple, but powerful video that Suite Imagery LLC produced for the 2010 Kenosha Area Business Alliance and the Kenosha Are Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Dinner, which was held at UW-Parkside on November 4, 2010. This video served as the closing video, after all the video profiles of the award winners were played, and received their awards for their hard work. Award Winners included: Matt Carlson, President of Platinum Systems, who received the Community Service Award; Guy Bradshaw, Chairman & CEO of Bradshaw Medical, Inc., who received the Business Person of the Year Award; and Snap-on Incorporated, which is celebrating 90 years in business in 2010, and was presented with the Business of the Year Award.

Source: YouTube